a solitaire adventure
     for Tunnels & Trolls (Solo 5)

From an original dungeon by Bill Hart. Rewritten and edited by Michael Stackpole,
Paul O'Connor, Liz Danforth, and Pat Mueller. (Full Credits)


       When Dargon, a seventeenth-level wizard, grew tired of conducting esoteric magical research for the Wizard's Guild, he created a dungeon to amuse himself. His labyrinth became known as the "Four Paths of Darkness", and it occupies a feared and shunned region of many a delver's memory. Exactly how many adventures transpired within those mysterious walls is unknown, but Dargon eventually grew tired of his original complex, and set about to redesign it.
 Dargon's Dungeon        The time it took to construct the new dungeon was measured in months, leaving delvers the world over ample time to wonder what new horrors the wizard was preparing. Eventually, Dargon felt satisfied with his work, and once again the doors of Dargon's Dungeon stood open to adventurers and thrill-seekers everywhere.
       The entrance to the new dungeon stands high upon a sheer and forbidding cliff wall, accessible only by the narrowest of trails. After an afternoon of strenuous climbing, you arrive before the large, rune-covered door to the dungeon. You pause to take stock of your situation. You've been told that a few of the original traps and rooms have been retained from the original dungeon, but that Dargon has added new rooms and dangers to offer challenges to even the most skilled of adventurers. Steeling your nerve, you lead your party through the ominous portal.
       Beyond is a small room, occupied by a glowing black sphere which floats before you, throbbing dully. With a chill, you realize that you are rooted to the ground - and the globe closes rapidly on you! You try to scream, but your throat is paralyzed. A voice echoes within your head.
       "Welcome to the Four Gauntlets of Chromatic Doom, oh foolish one. . ."
       The sphere engulfs you. For the first time, you wonder if this trip was such a good idea.
       Read the Rules of Play before continuing.


   You will need the Tunnels & Trolls rules (Fifth Edition. preferably [Online rules provided here]), a pencil, paper, and as many 6-sided dice as you can get your hands on.
   Three humanoid characters, from 1st - 3rd level, with no more than 90 (combined total) combat adds, may adventure inside Dargon's Dungeon. Up to 4th level magic is allowed.
   To play, read the description of the situation your characters are involved in. Then, you must react - either by choosing one of the options provided, or by casting magic and using the Magic Matrix (located on page 38 of this booklet) to determine the results. Don't read paragraphs before you are told to, or you will spoil the adventure for yourself.
   When you are told to roll for a Wandering Monster, roll 1d6. If it comes up a 1, you have encountered a Wandering Monster - consult the Wandering Monster Chart on page 40 of this booklet. If you return to a room, that room will house a Wandering Monster and nothing else, even if you did nothing the first time you went through. The only exception is the main entrance room.
   When a magic user must rest to regain Strength spent in spell-casting, you must roll once each turn you wait, to see if you are found by a Wandering Monster.
   Keep track of combat turns as they pass during melee; if a combat lasts more than 5 combat rounds, another Wandering Monster will appear as reinforcement for the first one.
   Occasionally you may face a situation where one party member might hold off an attack so the rest of the party can escape. This is permitted only if the "hero" can survive at least combat round alone against the attacker. He must have a CON of at least 1 after facing and fighting the opponent, even if he lost that round. If the character who made the stand is killed in one combat round, the attackers didn't even slow down, and the rest of the party must face them.
   A * beside a paragraph number means that paragraph is referenced in the Magic Matrix (page 38 of this booklet). When casting magic, choose the spell belore consulting the Magic Matrix. (Note: the Too-Bad Toxin spell is not effective inside of Dargon's Dungeon. A few other spells were never judged useful in the context of the dungeon: Detect Magic, Knock Knock, Hocus Pocus, Omnipotent Eye, and Hard Sluff).
   Begin your adventure by going to 26A.

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