a solitaire adventure for Tunnels & Trolls

by Lee Russell
based on a concept by Daedalus

Full Credits

They were not lying, the rumors were true. Before you is the entrance to The Labyrinth. If the tales can be believed the place is full of monsters: Seven headed hydras, a tricephalic hound of hell, huge one eye giants and women who lure you to your death with plaintive songs of seduction. And, it is said, here even the gods wander the earth. The Labyrinth is a place where many go in, but few find their way out. Fewer yet are the adventurers who are brave enough to face the Minotaur, the fearsome man-bull who rules The Labyrinth. Yet even they outnumber the survivors of a confrontation with that Beast...The Minotaur


Labyrinth is an adventure with an ancient Grecian theme. Mythology, legend, and history are herein mingled with no regard for proper chronology. Absolutely no medieval or modern characters or monsters abide in Labyrinth. And no Roman variants of Grecian names or ideas will be found, either. (A Roman dungeon would be fun too, but this is a Greek dungeon.)

Those of you who are learned in the stories of ancient Greece are asked to lay your serious scholarship aside in Labyrinth and just enjoy the fun. Those of you who are unfamiliar with the stories of ancient Greece are happily invited to discover a whole new world of wonders.

Only 1st and 2nd level human warriors may enter the Labyrinth, and only one character may enter at a time. Advanced characters with advanced weapons belong elsewhere. And barbarian magic simply doesn't work in the clear rational light of civilized Greece (nor in the dark, for you hair-splitters). What appears to be magic in the Labyrinth is actually divine intervention. From time to time, a character may be given a divine charm which functions as a magical device and takes no wizardry or strength to use. These charms may be taken out of the Labyrinth and will continue to work (unless nay-sayed by individual Game Masters).

To adventure into the Labyrinth, you will need the usual assortment of pencils, paper, dice and the T & T rules.  [In this online version you can use the links and buttons to navigate and roll dice, and your scores will be saved automatically. No paper or dice needed!]  All native fighters in the Labyrinth have monster ratings and fight according to the T & T combat rules. Whenever you are told to roll for treasure, use the Treasure Generator in the T & T rulebook.

All saving rolls will be made at your character level. If you are a 1st level character, you'll always make first level saving rolls (20 - LK); if you are a 2nd level character, you'll make 2nd level saving rolls (25 - LK). (Note: LK is Luck.)

Invocations and saving rolls are the same thing. Whenever the instructions tell you to "make an invocation" or "invoke the gods", you make a saving roll. The reason for this is that the Labyrinth contains gods and goddesses. An invocation is a prayer for intervention in your behalf by a divine power. In most dungeons there are no divine powers, so blind luck must be invoked with a saving roll. It's the same thing, only in the Labyrinth the powers invoked have personalities.

Occasionally you will be told to make an invocation based on some other attribute - such as Charisma or Dexterity. Just substitute that attribute for Luck. (It's easy.)

The gods and goddesses in the Labyrinth are immortal, and if they fight you, you can't kill them. But they will have both a "Monster Rating" and a "Gracious Loser Rating". The gracious loser rating is a number on the monster rating scale. Whenever you reduce an immortal combatant to his/her/its gracious loser rating, the fight is conceded to you - you win.

The Labyrinth There will be times when you will need to keep track of turns in the Labyrinth. In non-combat situations, a turn will consist of the length of time you spend on one paragraph before you turn to another paragraph. Five combat turns equal one regular turn. If you have 10 go-rounds of combat at paragraph 97A, that counts as 2 turns. Round off partial turns to the highest whole before going on (if you have 7 or 8 combat go-rounds at 97A, that also counts as 2 turns).

Any time you are drunk in the Labyrinth, you will stay drunk for 4 regular non-combat turns. Or, since activity and adrenalin burn the alcohol out of the system, 2 combat turns will sober you right up.

Both monsters and deities roam the Labyrinth as Wanderers. Whenever you are told to meet one or to see if you've met one, consult the instructions on the Wanderers page.

After you have read these instructions carefully, go to the Entrance on the next page.

Beware - finding a path out of The Labyrinth will not be easy.  Enter if you dare.

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