The Sorcerer
Sorcerer Solitaire
          the 10th Tunnels & Trolls solo dungeon

Written by WALKER VANING   (Full Credits)


       Enter the forbidden realm of true magic. THE SORCERER SOLITAIRE will kill any warrior or blackhearted rogue who enters. Only the cunning, sly, and the lucky will survive.

       Many of the T&T solo dungeons kill mages, mostly because mages are terrible fighters. After I had a mage killed off by a monster with a 10 Monster Rating, I decided it was time for a dungeon designed purely for magic-users. (Here at Flying Buffalo we had decided that some time ago, and hopefully awaited the appearance of such a dungeon. Walker brought this one, and we bring it to you. —Ed.)

       One reason magical dungeons have perhaps not been produced in the past is that the nature of magic is complex. You may find yourself with a dungeon that has several options in each paragraph, but the choices are only between one spell or another. Thus there are fewer scenes, fewer possible adventures. In an effort to supply variety of scenes, the spells have been limited to First Level Magic only. The dungeon is for characters of 1st through 3rd level, mages only, and characters must travel alone (no parties, please). No warriors or rogues are permitted, and if they should attempt to come, they will be fried at the entrance. (The DM knows!). Aside from that, all general rules in the T&T RULEBOOK apply.

       A note concerning the passage of time: Unless otherwise stated, each paragraph may be considered 1/3 of a turn, i.e. three paragraphs equal one full turn. As per the T&T rules, a mage can regain strength at 1 point every full turn UNLESS he or she is strenuously engaged in activity.

       So practice up on your magic, exercise those fingers, and start delving! There are indeed traps and monsters that can kill if the character makes a mistake. As the mystic-minded astrologers say when Mars sets in Aries,

"Have a Bloody Good Time!"

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